The BIM of Trust on  Blockchain :
Simplify your Processes, Protect your IP, Limit your Liability.


Building Information Modeling” , this new collaborative process based on digital modeling promises significant reductions in cost, time and quality risks. Its success depends on the fluidity of the dialogue, the transparency, and the commitments between the different counterparts within this process.

The Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that builds trust between heterogeneous stakeholders through a distributed registry mechanism: it secures processes by giving legal value to data exchanged via a system of proofs. These proofs are perennial, unfalsifiable and public.

With BIMCHAIN.io, sign your contracts directly from the model, and go paperless. And thanks to the digital proof of your contribution, registered in a public distributed ledger, your IP is protected and your liability is limited.

BIMCHAIN.io fulfils the promises of BIM thanks to the Blockchain: Commitment. Protection. Trust.

In Trust, We Build.


Proof of Contribution : signed, time-stamped, lifelong and public proof of deposit allows you to sign in your contributions, get your certifications quickly, verify the sequencing of publications, validate dependency between documents, ensure traceability.

This proof is secured by the Blockchain, and is legally binding as advanced electronic signature. You limit your liability, and protect your digital rights.

1- Click : BIMCHAIN.io is fully integrated to your BIM process, your tools, your data format. Your working environment and contractual environment are one; go paperless now.

Project Owners: buy a pack for your Project
Configure BIMCHAIN.io based on your BIM protocol, prepay the ‘Proofs’ needed  for every phases, data  and stakeholders to secure and accelerate your project.

Architects, Surveyors, Controllers, Contractors… : pay as you sign
Buy the number of ‘Proofs’ you need, use them when you need to sign, certify, prove or simply protects your digital rights.

Verify for free
You have a document , and want to verify its authenticity and understand its historic ? Check it for free on BIMCHAIN.io



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