We were at BIM World Munich shortlisted as finalist at the BIM / Smart Construction Award, and pitched our vision on how Blockchain can accelerate BIM adoption and efficiency by bringing trust in its processes through digital proofs. 

Attended to key conferences and talked with peers and these are some of our conclusions of this year´s event in Munich:

1.- Despite the advancement in using BIM, Germany has a lot of work to do to catch up with other European Countries.

According to an Executive of a Construction Company  nothing has changed in the way we are working in Germany in the last 50 – 60 years.  There is a demand of 1,2 million housing in Germany that we are unable to respond to, with the current level of productivity”.  “Unless we change the way we work in Construction and that means going digital, the sector will face another concentration in 10 years time and only the most innovative ones will survive”.

2. BIM as a huge enabler for the industry

It´ s the tool that will enable the industry to be able to build tomorrow. Many companies agreed on the need to adopt BIM fully in order to respond to the current demand of creating cheaper, faster, more affordable and ecological buildings.

3. “Collaboration” as a keyword in all talks

The biggest challenge for the Construction is collaboration and a more integrated digital workflow. Another aspect everybody agreed with, was the urgency for a change in mindset, whilst there is enough money in the market there is no great motivation for change, however this will not last long and we must change and collaborate.



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